What’s on offer in RPA Middle School (ages 7-11 years old):

  • Acro
  • Ballet 
  • Boys Class
  • Contemporary
  • Drama
  • Hip-Hop
  • Modern
  • Musical Theatre 
  • Music tuition 
  • Performance Team
  • Private 1-1 Lessons
  • Tap
  • Vocals

Skills & benefits:

  • Making friends 
  • Confidence & Self-esteem  
  • Creative expression
  • Cross-curricular learning (helping with core curriculum i.e. Maths and English)
  • Speaking & Listening 
  • Problem solving
  • Mental & Physical wellness  

Contact Miss Sarah now to arrange your three taster sessions for £15. 
principal@roynonperformingarts.co.uk / 07801 932 952 / @RoynonPerformingArts

Class Descriptions – the blurb: 

Acro is a dance genre that combines classical dance technique with precise, accurate and often tricky acrobatic elements. A main characteristic of Acro is its athletic quality and specialist choreography. It seamlessly uses acrobatics techniques within dance routines, making it a dance style which truly tests core strength, perseverance and balance. Acro classes are relatively new to Roynon Performing Arts and have been made possible thanks to our specifically trained, experienced teachers. Our classes are proving to be incredibly popular and when you see an Acro performance it’s easy to see why!

Ballet is excellent for embedding good technique, posture, alignment and discipline in the dancer’s body, whether it is being a fairy or a princess for the girls or prince or soldier for the boys. Roynon Performing Arts have classes to suit all ages and abilities in Ballet, from 2 years of age to adults. Each class is tailored to suit the participant, whether it is being a fairy or princess to older students progressing to pointe work. As with the rest of our dance work, we follow the ISTD syllabus and pupils can enter exams if they so wish.

Roynon believes it’s really important to offer a stand-alone, Boys Only class. This is for many reasons but importantly because the content of the boys dance curriculum is vastly different, so it would be unfair to not give it separate attention when at all possible. As a performing arts school, we have a rapidly growing base of male dancers which is absolutely fantastic for the quality and diversity within the arts school. We welcome any boys wishing to try out our dance sessions and will be able to offer expert, specialist support for improving strength and agility, exam prep, festivals, event performance and much more.

This dance style uses many techniques and methods found in other forms of dance, such as ballet and modern. There are several sub-genres within this dance form and most of these are explored within Roynon Performing Arts classes. Modern classes can often be suitable for older students (young adults onwards) and contain a very exciting twist when compared to the more structured syllabus classes.

This art style is crucial to any person looking to get on the stage, whether they are a dancer, musician or both. Using Drama in the other art forms is inescapable; they are so closely linked. Therefore every stage performer should learn some of the fundamental aspects of Drama and how to keep the audience absorbed and entertained. These skills are learned or improved through lots of fun games and some more formal, serious activities! As with all the other classes, Roynon Performing Arts drama sessions are delivered by qualified, experienced teachers who will be able to develop the student’s acting and delivery on stage.

You will be sure to learn some funky moves if you attend these Roynon Performing Arts classes! The amount of sub-genres that fall under the umbrella of Hip-Hop is, quite frankly, incredible… It simply is a mistake to think that once you have done one Hip-Hop class you are an expert in all of them as there are so many factions and routes to take this expressive and energetic dance medium! From locking and popping to whacking and boogaloo, they will all be introduced in these highly popular and rewarding Roynon sessions.

This class is non-syllabus and is a fantastic way to learn all the latest moves to the latest music! The ‘Jazz’ dance style is influenced by several other forms of dance such as Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip-Hop and Acro. It is excellent for conditioning, core strength and improving stamina and flexibilty.

Dance, like any other physical activity, needs to start with the appropriate warm ups and preparation. Our Limbering classes will give the student an excellent understanding of how to warm up as well as offer unique stretches, poses and routines to help improve suppleness, flexibility and core strength. For these reasons Limbering class at Roynon is a must for dancers of all styles.

Modern is a mixture of dance styles and has an emphasis on expressing emotion through movement. It helps to keep the body toned and limbered as it can be a really demanding dance style if the participant wishes it to be used for this purpose. We follow the ISTD syllabus and pupils can enter exams, especially if they seek a career in dance.

Roynon Performing Arts now offer a range of music sessions, including 1-1 sessions, small workshops, curriculum based lessons in local schools and, of course, whole class sessions within the rest of the Roynon timetable. RPA currently teach a variety of stringed instruments including guitar and ukulele, percussion, drums and singing. Tailored sessions can also be held for composing and arranging, recording techniques 
 and use of free technology  such as iPads and APPs. Clients include local schools, organisations such as The Saints Foundation and various individuals of all ages and abilities in the local area. 

Musical Theatre is a type of theatrical performance and creative art which uses song, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance to help engage the audience. This style of performance has been a huge, overnight success for Roynon Performing Arts and is massively popular with pupils aged between 7-18. If you want to perform on stage, it is vital in this day and age to be equipped with the range of skills this style can offer. Musical Theatre classes teach pupils to use dance alongside singing and how to project the persona of their character to the audience. Pupils also learn some basic singing skills to protect as well as bring power to their voice…

Roynon are extremely proud of the Performance Team and the events they’ve performed at. The gigs they’ve showcased their hard work at have been made possible by some incredible industry contacts, the preparation students have made in class time and an overall passion and drive from the team members themselves (teachers included!). The Performance Team is open to any Roynon student, so long as they are of a certain ability and can commit to a fairly large scale project. That said, if a Roynon student can make this commitment, the rewards are absolutely incredible… The Performance Team have gigged for not only local events such as festivals and carnivals but also charity gigs at O2 Guildhall Southampton, the Winchester Hatfair and various private functions for the likes of Sir Richard Branson.

Often dancers require special focus on particular areas, or need 1-1 time in order to work on a routine or other skill. For these reasons, dancers of all ages and abilities can choose to take on private lessons at Roynon. These are proving to be particularly popular for Dance festival prep.

The sounds of tap dance is achieved by using the metal plates on the tap shoes to beat out rhythms. Often, Tap is used as the all-out big theatre show-stopper due to its loud and vibrant energy and distinctive look. Roynon have a wealth of experience in this dance form and have trained a wealth of dancers to a very high standard over the 35+ years. We follow the ISTD syllabus and agree with their description of tap, believing it to be ‘one of the most enjoyable and rhythmic forms of recreational dance’. Tap is a fantastic, albeit a little bit noisy, form of exercise! It will help with coordination and rhythm in a way that nothing else can. Classes are suitable for 4 years and up. Formal exams are available for this dance style if pupils wish to be entered.

RPA recognise the importance of vocal teaching, not only for being a ‘triple threat’ in performer’s career, but also for more everyday life, such as  presentations, meetings and interviews. In vocal sessions, students of all ages learn important techniques and exercises to help look after their vocal chords, to find their natural range in singing and to help project their voice. Like other music lessons, singing sessions can be graded.