Roynon Performing Arts now offer a range of music sessions, including 1-1 sessions, small workshops, curriculum based lessons in local schools and, of course, whole class sessions within the rest of the Roynon timetable. 

Roynon currently teach:
– guitar
– bass
– ukulele 
– percussion
– samba (Swan Samba)
– vocals 

Tailored sessions can also be held for:
– composing and arranging (for a range of styles including rock, pop, hip-hop, metal etc)
– performance coaching 
– recording techniques 
– use of free technology (iPads and APPs, which can tie into curriculum learning for primary, secondary and beyond)

Clients include local schools, organisations such as The Saints Foundation and various individuals of all ages and abilities in the local area. 


Swan Samba are a drumming, dancing and Brazilian arts organisation open to ages 11+ and all abilities, run via Roynon Performing Arts, a school established for almost 40 years.

Workshops are held by dedicated music teacher and composer Gary Munday every Tuesday term time, with the aim to learn new and exciting drum and dance-based performance skills to then perform at local events.

The organisation is now widening its scope of Brazilian arts, including samba procession dancing, Capoeira, singing involving cultural relevance and Brazilian/Portuguese/African influenced art courses (Brazil is a blend of these cultures due to empire colonisation and slavery).

As well as teaching Brazilian-based arts in the Winchester district and greater Southampton areas, the organisation have also set up an international samba network called ‘The Axé Samba Collective’. The aim of the network is to bring samba artists and facilitators together from all over the world and help support each others artistic ventures, collaborate on new projects online and in person and, in turn, enhance the learning value and authenticity for all. Despite the collective being relatively young, this has already enabled collaborations with samba drumming and dancing experts (‘mestres’) from the U.K., Spain, Argentina, Brazil, U.S.A. and Canada.

The drumming/dancing band practises and performs a fusion of samba styles including Samba Reggae, Funk, Maracatu, Ijexa, Batucada, Ragga and more. The band and have gigged at local carnivals such as Romsey and Hedge End, as well as exciting events such as Winchester’s Hatfair, the longest running street event in the UK.

Swan Samba have also been featured on radio stations such as Voice FM and pieces have been published about their performances and workshops in local media including The Daily Echo, The Portsmouth News and The Hampshire Chronicle.

The band can be found on all relevant social media streams and all enquiries are very welcome, whether it’s to try out in the band in person or online, organise workshops in schools, or to pencil in future performance opportunities. The facilitators are also looking to start a separate youth band for younger ages 8-16! So, if you’re in interested, why not get in contact and then pop along for a taster session?