As we all move through these strange, unique times caused as a result of the pandemic, we felt it would be beneficial to outline some of the key things Roynon have put in place to prevent another Covid outbreak.

Here are the biggest, most important changes we have made in light of the coronavirus:

– Class times have been altered to accommodate additional clean time between sessions.
– All Roynon classes have a one way transition system in place, meaning students exit the class separately from those entering (ie main entrance and fire exits).
– Students and classes who are forced to isolate are given access to recordings of the session they have missed.
– A new YouTube channel has been created in order to build a bank of useful prerecorded resources to use as of when over the academic year. These are also fantastic samples to showcase the work of students to a wider online audience.
– A new Covid policy has been specifically produced, which unpacks the expectations and procedures for students, parents, teachers and the community at large.
– Teacher packs have been made, including PPE gear, RPA procedures specific to our studio spaces and other useful information.
– Specific teacher training relating to Covid and first aid.
– Teachers have been issued RPA branded masks to wear outside of lessons and if/when liaising directly with parents (masks do not need to be worn in class providing social distancing is adhered to).
Infographics have been produced and made available (on social media and via school email). These have been done to summarise the key points on how to stay safe in and outside of class.
– Where necessary, RPA have purchased new equipment in order to ensure things are meeting hygiene standards.
– Various enquiries have been made with our hall / studio space hirers, outlining what we have put in place and what we should expect from them in return.

There are other, smaller points we could highlight but hopefully this demonstrates how our role as a performing arts school has evolved and how we are taking our responsibilities with Covid extremely seriously. As a result of all these actions – and more – we strongly believe we are doing all in our power to keep us all safe. By following the up to date government guidelines, we can continue having fun, interacting and learning.